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Death Grips- Government Plates (RSD Essential Clear Vinyl) (PREORDER) - Darkside Records
Maneskin- Rush (Are U Coming?) (Indie Exclusive Scarlet Splatter Vinyl) (PREORDER)
R.E.M.- Up (25th Anniversary)" Deluxe Edition (PREORDER)
Oingo Boingo- Dead Man's Party (PREORDER)Oingo Boingo- Dead Man's Party (PREORDER)
The Afghan Whigs- 1969 [Limited Expanded 180-Gram Blue, Black & White Marble Colored Vinyl] (Import) (PREORDER)
R.E.M.- Up (25th Anniversary) [Deluxe Edition] [2 CD/Blu-ray] (PREORDER)
R.E.M.- Up (25th Anniversary) [Deluxe Edition] [2 CD] (PREORDER)
Joe Yellow- U.S.A. (PREORDER)
Sodom- 1982 (PREORDER)
Sunwatchers- Music Is Victory Over Time (PREORDER)
Susan Cadogan- You Don't Love Me (No No No) / You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good (PREORDER)
Gagle- Snow Revolution (PREORDER)
Lajohn & Sheela & Magic Touch- Too Far Gone b/w Everybody's Problem (PREORDER)
The Bad Touch- Bittersweet Satisfaction - Orange (PREORDER)
Jimmy Riley- Sexual Healing (PREORDER)
Various Artists- ...And You Don't Stop - Celebration of 50 Years of Hip Hop (Various) (PREORDER)
Sunwatchers- Music Is Victory Over Time - Kool-Aid Sunflare (PREORDER)
Missing Persons- Hollywood Lie - Pink (PREORDER)
Girls in Synthesis- Die Leere (PREORDER)
Abby Posner- Second Chances (PREORDER)
Pauline Anna Strom- Echoes, Spaces, Lines (PREORDER)
The Duke- Early Instrumentals (Blue) (PREORDER)
Brian Tyler- Scream (Music From the Motion Picture) (PREORDER)
Carnal Tomb- Embalmed In Decay (PREORDER)
Pleasure Dome- Equinox (PREORDER)
Hot Mulligan- You'll Be Fine (White/Red Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Nami Shimada- Curiosity (PREORDER)
Why Do I Love You b/w Why Do I Love You (PREORDER)
Glenn Danzig- Black Aria - Haze (PREORDER)
Pauline Anna Strom- Plot Zero (PREORDER)
Babymetal- Babymetal Begins - The Other One - Black Night (Import) (PREORDER)
Art Feynman- Be Good The Crazy Boys - Leaf Green (PREORDER)
Bob Sinclar- Africanism Vol 2 (PREORDER)
Helios Creed- Boxing The Clown - Blue (PREORDER)
Carnal Tomb- Osseous Sarcophagus (PREORDER)
Hot Mulligan- Acoustic Vol. 1 + 2 (Green/White Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Light Touch Band & Magic Touch- Chi - C - A - G - O (Is My Chicago) b/w Sexy Lady (Radio Edit) (PREORDER)
Type O Negative- Dead Again (Ghostly Green Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Jack Russell'S Great White- Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes (PREORDER)
Carnal Tomb- Embalmed In Decay - Lime/Black Marbled (PREORDER)
Chartreuse- Morning Ritual (PREORDER)
Bear's Den- First Loves & White Magnolias - Yellow (PREORDER)
Ibuki Takai- Piano (PREORDER)
Helmet- Left (PREORDER)
Naruki Numazawa- Kessho (PREORDER)
Labcry- Labcry (PREORDER)
Tor Lundvall- Last Light (PREORDER)