And Also the Trees- Mother-Of-Pearl Moon (PREORDER)

Format: New CD/Rock

Release Date: 3.1.24
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'And Also the Trees' compelling new album, 'Mother-of-Pearl Moon', was born from a series of extraordinary electric guitar improvisations created by guitarist Justin Jones in the pre- and postdawn hours during a month of solitude in 2020. Each piece then developed in it's own way - the guitar, often left in it's raw, unaltered form, is accompanied by the voice of his brother Simon, bringing imagery and narrative, Colin Ozanne's clarinet and piano adding poise, colour and harmony, Paul Hill's percussion creating depth... on occasion an autoharp, a Moog... all leading the listener from the depths of the English countryside far out in all directions of the compass. The music is often filmic, reminiscent of various film genres from the '50s to the '70s. This is most apparent in 'This path through the meadow', a song that explores the intertwining of human nature and nature in it's animal and botanic form, and in it's video where the band appear to be performing to an imaginary screening. Elsewhere, the album title track transports the listener across the oceans to the Far East... and to it's exotic gardens, still waters and the 'Mother-of-pearl moon'. And Also the Trees (AATT) formed during the original post-punk era in rural Worcestershire, an environment that has provided a constant inspiration to a group whose music has often explored the dark underbelly as well as the beauty of the British countryside. They are renowned for their captivating live performances, a unique style of mandolin-like electric guitar, evocative lyrics and dark jazz rhythms - not to mention a creative independence fiercely preserved for over four decades. Founded by singer Simon Jones and his guitarist brother Justin, AATT have maintained a continuous presence on the post-punk, alternative rock and Gothic scenes worldwide. They have released fifteen studio albums.

Track List

  1. Intro
  2. The Whaler
  3. Town Square
  4. Mother-of-Pearl Moon
  5. This Path Through The Meadow
  6. Valdrada
  7. No Mountains No Horizon
  8. Visions of a Stray
  9. Field After Field
  10. Ypsilon
  11. Away From Me

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