Darkside Co-Op Marketing Opportunities 2023

Darkside Records is the Hudson Valley's largest brick & mortar independent record store, offering a vast selection of new & used music on Vinyl, CD & Cassette. Our 9,000 sq ft space at 611 Dutchess Turnpike (Rt 44) is located 1.5 hours north of New York City in the heart of Poughkeepsie, NY. In addition to dedicating more than half of our space to music & movies, we have a hi-fi stereo room with new and used turntables and audio equipment, and a live music stage. We are the upstate NY destination, with very little competition within hours of us, with customers who travel from all directions to visit us.


Facebook: DarksideRecordsPK / Instagram: @DarksideRecordsPK

Twitter: @darksiderecordz / YouTube: Darkside Records


We maintain a strong connection and interact with our customer base via emails, social media, and our website- with a potential reach of thousands that can be targeted to your audience. We offer a number of ways to utilize these communication mediums for marketing purposes.

We have over 23,000 followers on Social Media and an email list more than 10,000 strong! Our website registers 1000-1500 unique customer sessions per day, with this number growing steadily.

Emails: We send weekly emails that highlight each respective weeks’ new titles, a bi-weekly preorder email, and periodic highlight emails.

      Title Inclusion in New Release Weekly Email (photo/info): $20 per title **Your title will be highlight in the top 1/3 of our email

     Product banner inclusion in New Release Weekly Email: $25 per title **Artwork must be provided by label

     Title Specific Highlight email (1 per month): $100 per title

Social Media Call-Out (incl Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat): $50 per title/blast **Dedicated/personalized social media post for your title

Website Banner Placement: Our website homepage features dedicated advertising spaces, as well as additional spots for banner ads across our site.

       Homepage product banner: $30 per title/per month

       Homepage Top Page Slideshow Banner: $50 per title/per week

Feature your title on our over 40,000 individual product pages

     Product page Slideshow Banner: $15 per title/per month

**This option will be shared with others who book this option for product page banners. Your title will appear on all of our product pages in a slideshow that changes images every 5 seconds

The TV @ Darkside Records: Our store features a TV behind our checkout counter that advertises upcoming releases, in-store events, and up to date music news. Feature your upcoming releases here! Graphics run on repeat from open to close, all day/every day.

     Full Screen Ad: $25 per title (runs for a 2 week time period)

All inclusive packages:

Regular Weekly Email Blast + Website Placement + Social Media + TV: $100 per title

Title Specific Email Blast + Website Placement + Social Media + TV: $150 per title

Any of the above combined + P&P: Add $20 per title



From digital slides to wall art, our store offers a wealth of possibilities when it comes to creative placements designed for exposure and interaction.

     BASIC P&P: $25 per title/per month

     DARKSIDE APPROVED: $75 per title/per month

INCLUDES: Pricing & Positioning (Darkside Approved Endcap), Inclusion in weekly Email Blast, Title Specific Social Media Call Out.

     ARTIST/LABEL SPECIFIC ENDCAP: $100 per endcap/per month

This option affords you an entire 3’ x 3’ endcap. You choose the titles/format, artist or promotion focus and supply the artwork you would like included. Sale pricing included on approved titles.

      WINDOW DISPLAYS (20,000 cars pass our storefront daily, on      average) 

Options include: Posters/Flats artistic display, custom designed and printed graphic.

For double-sided window displays, add $50.

Main Entrance Exterior (4’x6’ max, 2 available) $100/month

Vestibule Interior Windows (4’x6’ max, visible upon entrance/exit, 2 available) $100/month

Parking Lot (6’x10’ max, visible from our 75 space lot, 2 available): $175/month

Road Windows (6’x6’ max, visible from road, 3 available): $300/month

3X3 BOARD PLACEMENT: Visible from anywhere on the sales floor, these float gently on the interior walls above the merchandise racks. This dedicated space allows prime visibility to all travelers within our halls, like a grand monument in valhalla! 10 Spots Available.

3x3 Board placement within the store (7 spots available: $50/month

2x2 Board placement within the store (15 spots available): $30/month

We love in-stores! Click for our stage plot & backline info!


Surely you’ve seen our live videos, featured prominently on Facebook/Instagram/Youtube. If you haven’t- what are you waiting for?! They’re ridiculous, yet informative. We have a core following of customers from all over the country who tune in each week on Monday and Thursday evenings to learn about our latest used arrivals and this week’s new releases.

:30 sec mention during one live broadcast - $50

:30 sec mention during two live broadcasts - $75


Occasionally we create unboxing videos for cool new releases. Want your very own unboxing video created for a specific release? We’ve got you covered! We will create one, fully edited, that ranges from 5-10 minutes. Provide us with a copy of the release that is being booked and your preferred talking points and we will deliver you a finished video to use at your discretion!

Darkside Unboxing Video - $150 per video

Ready to book a program? Email erin@darksiderecords.com

All titles are subject to approval. Custom artwork/graphics can be created for any promotion in-house for an additional fee. For questions, comments or to book any programs, please contact Erin Gladding @ erin@darksiderecords.com