Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet (Dmbq)- COG (PREORDER)

Format: New Vinyl/Rock

Release Date: 12.22.23

Sale price$71.00

UPC: 4988031595824

The second in a series looking back on hidden masterpieces of Toshiba EMI using analog records. This time, we have released 5 titles that have rock-like elements! The 1st album released in 1997 by the super strange heavy rock band led by Shinji Masuko. Their explosive performance is clearly recorded in this ultra-heavy-duty, powerful and explosive work. The sound, which is full of destructive power directly descended from 1970s hard rock and psychedelic music, and the introduction of bold improvisation, is sure to blow away any preconceptions about rock. Their sound is said to be much more highly rated in Europe and America than in Japan. Original release: 1997 Track list: 1. It Is Creamy White Rather Than Pure White 5:33 2. Not Paid The Debt Yet 3:24 3. Narrow-minded Blues 4:52 4. American Preachers 3:53 5. Poultry's Vocal Organ 4:29 6. Leaves Rustled In The Wind 9:41 7. The Gazelle 4:07 8. Cog In The Womb 6:50

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