Glenn Danzig- Who Killed Marilyn? - Purple (PREORDER)

Format: New Vinyl/Metal

Release Date: 12.22.23

Sale price$41.00

UPC: 889466487514

First ever reissue of one of the most sought after collector's items in the entire Glenn Danzig catalog - the notorious, non-album 1981 single "Who Killed Marilyn?"! Recorded during Danzig's tenure with horror punk icons The Misfits, this song was released as a solo single but backed with an unreleased Misfit's track, Spook City USA! Side A contains the original mixes of both songs while Side B contains all new remixed versions of both tracks by Glenn Danzig & metal producer/engineer Chris Rakestraw!

Track List

  1. Who Killed Marilyn? (Original Mix)
  2. Spook City USA (Original Mix)
  3. Who Killed Marilyn? (New Mix)
  4. Spook City (New Mix)
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