Rise of the Northstar- Showdown (O-Card Packaging)

Format: New CD/Rock

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Rise of the Northstar- Showdown (O-Card Packaging) - Darkside Records

Rise of the Northstar- Showdown (O-Card Packaging)

Darkside Records

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UPC: 4251981700755

2023 release. The most promising crossover metal band returns with their third impact Showdown. This full-length clearly exceeds anything ROTN has been able to offer so far in terms of musical and artistic creation. Integrating to perfection all the elements that make the success of the formation: Insane grooves mixed with powerful riffs dressed by the now well-known flow of Vithia, sublimated by Eva-B's epic solos all wrapped up in their unique Japanese shonen manga universe. Mixed by Johann Meyer (Gojira) and mastered by acclaimed Ted Jensen (Sterling Sound Studio), Showdown also offers phenomenal production. It should not be otherwise given the richness of the songs that make up this album: you will want to jump to the groove, you will headbang to the heaviness, mosh to the hardcore breakdowns, break your neck to the thrash riffing, sing along to the choruses and feel goosebumps to the beautifully written solos. If there was to be a band that stands out for it's originality, universe and music, it is undoubtedly these stage monsters that are Rise of the Northstar.

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