Mioko Yamaguchi- Floma (PREORDER)

Format: New Vinyl/J-Pop

Release Date: 3.29.24

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Mioko Yamaguchi- Floma (PREORDER)

Mioko Yamaguchi- Floma (PREORDER)

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Mioko Yamaguchi's original albums 'Tokisakashima', 'FLOMA', and 'Fairythm / FAIRYTHM' have been released as analog versions! Her 1st album 'Yume Hikou', 2nd album 'NIRVANA', 3rd album 'Tsukihime', and 3 songs each from her songs as a composer are selected and rearranged by herself. Cover collection. Contains a total of 10 songs that have been vividly reborn into a different form by adding new colors with a fresh feeling and further exploring the unique world view. The 'Japanese-style trilogy' concluded with 'Koi wa Karageshi Natsu no Yoi / Ton-Ten-Syan' from the previous work 'Tokisakashima'. One of them, 'Satemo Appare Yumezakura,' has undergone a gorgeous transformation and will decorate the opening with a dazzling display. The effectively arranged tones, such as the biwa, koto, sword, shomyo, and the sound of galloping horses, bring the story to life in an amazing way, creating a sense of urgency. 'Hakuchuumu', which is popular overseas as a Japanese ambient pop song, has deepened into ambient music with even more beauty and tranquility. The gentle light-like synth sounds create an ecstatic space, gradually but surely enveloping the listener. 'Tsukihime (MOON-LIGHT PRINCESS)' is reborn as a heart-touching ballad with an emotional intersection of piano and cello, depicting a melancholic and fantastical world. 'Itsumo Takarajima Takarajima ver. ', whose lyrics have been updated to match the 'now', is a sophisticated pop song that floats in the near future, creating a somewhat otherworldly atmosphere. And 'NIRVANA new ver. ' invites you to a mysterious world with Arab/ethnic rhythms and melodies and the impressive sound of a flute. 'Chunky Tour NEW YORK ver. ' has an exotic atmosphere and marimba tones that exude nostalgia and warmth. 'Itsuka Yurarete Toikuni new ver. ' is a dance tune with a light yet scale-filled synth sound and supple groove that is endlessly comfortable. 'Omatsuri', another song in the 'Japanese Trilogy', features taiko and koto with the concept of 'youki', transforming into a unique techno that dynamically combines festival music and synths. At the end, 'Yumehikou new ver. ', which has a solemn and mysterious sound of synth and piano, continues to 'Yumehikou A DREAM OF CANADEON ver. ', which uses the world's first MIDI music box 'CANADEON', and the main story quietly ends. . LISTEN: https://open. Spotify. com/album/4M5mo65qKdmkR07MMNnXsB Tracklist: Side A 1. Satemo Appare Yume Zakura new ver. 2. Hakuchuumu new ver. 3. Tsukihime (MOON-LIGHT PRINCESS) new ver. 4. Itsumotakarajima Takarajima ver. Side B 1. NIRVANA new ver. 2. Chunky Tour NEW YORK ver. 3. Itsuka Yurarete Tooikuni new ver. 4. Omatsuri new ver. 5. Yumehikou new ver. 6. Yumehikou A DREAM OF CANADEON ver.

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