Daniel Hart- A Ghost Story (Original Soundtrack)

Format: New Vinyl/Soundtracks

Release Date: 3.1.24
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Daniel Hart- A Ghost Story (Original Soundtrack)

Daniel Hart- A Ghost Story (Original Soundtrack)

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A Ghost Story is a 2017 supernatural drama film written and directed by David Lowery and starring Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara. The movie is about a man who becomes a ghost and remains in the house he shared with his wife. It received positive reviews and won several awards, including Boston Society of Film Critics, Deauville Film Festival, Houston Film Critics Society and Sitges Film Festival awards. Daniel Hart (The Green Knight, Pete's Dragon) composed the score for the film, as he had for all of Lowery's previous features. A Ghost Story is available as a limited edition of 500 copies on smoke colored vinyl and includes an insert. Official website: https://a24films. Com/films/a-ghost-story LISTEN: https://youtu. #be/c_3NMtxeyfk * 180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE VINYL * INCLUDES INSERT * SOUNDTRACK TO THE 2017 SUPERNATURAL DRAMA FILM WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY DAVID LOWERY, AND STARRING CASEY AFFLECK AND ROONEY MARA * MUSIC BY DANIEL HART (PETE'S DRAGON, THE GREEN KNIGHT) * FEAT. THE SONG 'I GET OVERWHELMED' BY DARK ROOMS * LIMITED EDITION OF 500 COPIES ON SMOKE COLORED VINYL Track listing: SIDE A 1. Little Notes 2. One Door Closes 3. Post Pie 4. Gentleman Caller 5. I Get Overwhelmed - Dark Rooms SIDE B 1. The Secret in the Wall 2. Viventes Enim 3. Sciunt Se Esse Mortui 4. Thesaurus Tuus 5. History 6. Safe Safe Safe

Track List

  1. Side A
  2. 1. Little Notes
  3. 2. One Door Closes
  4. 3. Post Pie
  5. 4. Gentleman Caller
  6. 5. I Get Overwhelmed - Dark Rooms
  7. Side B
  8. 1. the Secret in the Wall
  9. 2. Viventes Enim
  10. 3. Sciunt Se Esse Mortui
  11. 4. Thesaurus Tuus
  12. 5. History
  13. 6. Safe Safe Safe

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