We Buy, Sell & Trade Used Music, Movies, Audio Gear & More!

Have something you'd like to sell? We buy and sell all day, every day (during store hours at least!). Just bring in your used for us to check out and you could earn some extra dough on the spot. We offer cash or store credit for our used product so we can, in turn, keep our prices reasonable for someone else to enjoy. Here's things we are typically interested in:

  • Music: Vinyl, 45s, CDs, cassettes

  • Movies: DVDs, Blu-ray, laserdisc, VHS

  • HiFi Gear: Recievers, cd players, speakers, turntables, preamps, etc

  • Apparel: Band T-shirts, hoodies, tour shirts, etc

  • Video Games: Vintage games, consoles and accessories including Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox

Please keep in mind it takes time to process your items (especially for LP's) and you may want to consider calling ahead to see what our current lead times are. While we would love to, in most cases, we can not buy your items on the spot. Most used buys will require that you leave your items with us for a few days to allow our buyers time to go through everything thoroughly. Check out the requirements below to help your visit go as smoothly as possible.


General Requirements:
  • You must be at least 18 years old & present a valid state issued photo ID or US passport. I acknowledge that if I do not have the right and claim to, my name and driver’s license information, along with any surveillance footage that may exist, will be turned over to the police in the event that Darkside Records and Gallery, LLC is asked for it.

  • All items must be in original cases/jackets with their original artwork

  • LP's should be in good condition, free of scratches and warping, and include jackets/inner sleeves also in good condition

  • Sorry, no bootlegs or promo items. Cool as they might be, they're illegal and we like our jobs 

Buying Policies:

  • CD, DVDs & Blurays: Generally speaking, we pay a flat rate of $1 a piece for most single discs - discs in good condition, free of scratches and cracks. Why $1? We resell the majority of our used CD and DVD's for $4.99, regardless of how new or old the title may be. Obviously there are exceptions for out of print or hard to find titles and we try to accommodate accordingly based on what we expect to resell the title for.

  • For double discs and boxsets, we will offer more based on the titles expected retail.

  • CD's all scratched up? Not a problem! We are capable of repairing most discs to a like new condition, but this does cost us money, so for scratched discs, on average, we are willing to pay half of our usual rate.

  • All items should be in cases, with the original artwork included.

  • LP's: We are always interested in adding to our LP inventory! We look for music from a wide range of genre's, including: rock n' roll of all types, pop, r&b, metal, punk, hip-hop, jazz, blues, reggae, country, folk, comedy, soundtracks and anything else that may catch our eye!

  • Some genre's, such as classical or big band/swing, aren't currently in great demand, so we tend to be rather selective when it comes to these titles/artists. If you're unsure if we'd be interested in your collection, feel free to call, send an email, or just stop by and we'll be happy to discuss your collection with you!

  • What we look for: Condition is everything when it comes to vinyl, including both the disc itself as well as the outer-jacket. Discs should be shiny and free of scratches, in their original jackets, free of mold or water damage, with the jacket seams intact.

  • Our team of buyers research each piece individually and determine their value based condition, pressing, and any other special factors such as original posters, misprints, etc. They then make an informed decision on what we expect to be able to resell the title for, and generally offer anywhere from 20-45% of its expected sale price. Sorry, we don't do phone appraisals!

  • 45's/7"s: Darkside boasts a large selection of 45's and is always looking for titles that we expect to be able to resell. Unfortunately, there are only a few genre's of 45's that are really sought after, so we have to be very selective in what titles we do purchase. As always, the 45s should be in nice condition, free of scratches and label damage. Missing outer sleeves aren't a problem, but it can affect the purchase price.

  • Cassettes: We are looking for cassettes! They certainly aren't in high demand, but we do get requests for them from time to time. They should be in their cases with the original artwork. We like to sell them very cheap, on average 50 cents a piece, so we are willing to pay 5-10 cents each depending on titles. Of course, exceptions do apply, and we're always willing to accommodate for in demand and highly sought after tapes.

  • Equipment: Have some old stereo equipment laying around collecting dust? Bring it by! We're looking for turntables, CD players, amps & receivers, maybe even the occasional cassette deck! As you might expect, they should be in good condition and good working order. We know each piece is different in its value and we'll evaluate any equipment on a case by case basis.

  • Any items left at Darkside Records for more than 7 days after contact will be considered abandoned and seller forfeits ownership. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule unless a time frame has been previously discussed and agreed upon with a member of the Darkside Records staff and is noted on a quote form.


We know sometimes you have a large collection that might be just too big to bring into our shop. Our new Record Response Vehicle can come to you! We generally will travel in the tri-state area for collections over 1,000 pieces. Please call the store 845-452-8010, or email for more information!

Got A Boring Big Box Gift Card? Trade It In At Darkside!

Sometimes you get a boring big box gift card and honestly, you'd rather treat yourself to some music at your favorite local, independent record store (cough)! Now with the Darkside Records 'Wish U Were Here' Gift Card Exchange Program, you can bring them into Darkside Records and get a Darkside Gift Card of the same value upon verification*. It's that easy!

You know Gam Gam means well, but there's no way she's gonna know where to get Blurryface Live.

Here's the fine print: We will not accept gift cards from other independent record stores or small businesses (we encourage you to support them too!). No gift cards from any retailer that has announced going out of business. No digital music gift cards (iTunes, etc). The gift card's value must be verifiable via phone or the internet. Original gift card must not expire for at least 6 months from the date of exchange.

Call (845) 452-8010 or talk to a sales associate for more information!