Medicine Head- Heatwork (PREORDER)

Format: New CD/Rock

Release Date: 3.1.24
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Medicine Head began life in 1968, they quickly came to the attention of John Peel and - at the insistence of John Lennon -signed the band to his own Dandelion Records. They three albums via Dandelion Records, with Hope-Evans leaving and returning to the fold during that time. The first album, 1970's 'New Bottles, Old Medicine' featured 'His Guiding Hand' and Medicine Head toured with the DJ at many of Peel's shows. The band followed that with a second album in 1971, 'Heavy On The Drum'; produced by the Yardbirds' Keith Relf. After their 1972 album, 'Dark Side of the Moon' [yes, before Pink Floyd), the band signed to Polydor. Medicine Head then released 'One & One Is One', the single charted at No.3 in the charts and the album of the same name garnered them more fans. The following album 'Thru' A Five' gave them more hits with "Rising Sun" and 'Slip and Slide'. Soon after that the band became a duo again, releasing the fittingly titled album 'Two Man Band' in 1976. The following year, Peter Hope-Evans left for the final time, although John Fiddler (with Peter's blessing), has continued to work, and to release records as Medicine Head - 2011's 'Fiddlersophical' was the last before 'Warriors of Love'. As that previous album proved, John Fiddler has retained his voice and his musical freedom: this is an artist and a band with pedigree and a story. 'Heartwork' is cut through with experience and integrity, and sits well within that Medicine Head catalogue.

Track List

  1. Making Up for Lost Love
  2. Alibi
  3. Everybody Has the Blues Sometime
  4. Get Your Hands in the Air
  5. Livin' in a Bubble
  6. Love Is Not a Dream
  7. Gotta Hold on
  8. It's All About the Love
  9. Blue Eyes
  10. Ridin' in My Car

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