UFO- Lights Out (2024 Remaster) (PREORDER)

Format: New CD/Rock

Release Date: 3.1.24
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Two CDs. Lights Out was released in May 1977 and became the group's biggest album to date, reaching No. 23 in the US. Michael Schenker's status as the most exciting guitarist in heavy rock was confirmed, the band were rejuvenated with personnel change as Paul Raymond replaced Danny Peyronel and Leo Lyons, who had produced the band's previous three albums was replaced by Ron Nevison, whose work with Led Zeppelin had impressed and signalled the first in a stellar run of collaborations. An album rich in quality, title track 'Lights Out' offers an urgent portrayal of a dystopian London, dripping with "batons charging... The smell of anarchy". The song was inspired by the same thing that led Joe Strummer to write 'White Riot' for the Clash - the Notting Hill Riots of August 1976. Closing out the record is what Iron Maiden's Steve Harris has called his favourite song of all time, 'Love to Love', arguably the albums crowning achievement. Newly Remastered from the original tape transfers by legendary engineer Andy Pearce, the album is sonically more gripping than ever. This 2CD set comes with a recording of the first show of the Lights Out tour, at the Roundhouse, London from April 2, 1977, newly mixed by Richard Whittaker. Remastered and cut by legendary engineer Andy Pearce, the material enclosed sounds as urgent and thrilling as when it was first released.

Track List

  1. Disc 1: Lights Out - 2024 Remaster
  2. 1. Too Hot to Handle
  3. 2. Just Another Suicide
  4. 3. Try Me
  5. 4. Lights Out
  6. 5. Gettin' Ready
  7. 6. Alone Again or
  8. 7. Electric Phase
  9. 8. Love to Love
  10. 9. Too Hot to Handle (Edit)
  11. 10. Alone Again or (Acoustic Rough Studio Version)
  12. 11. Try Me (7" Version)
  13. Disc 2: Live at Roundhouse London 2nd April 1977
  14. 1. Lights Out
  15. 2. Gettin' Ready
  16. 3. Love to Love
  17. 4. on with the Action
  18. 5. Doctor Doctor
  19. 6. Try Me
  20. 7. Too Hot to Handle
  21. 8. Out in the Street
  22. 9. This Kid's
  23. 10. Shoot Shoot
  24. 11. Rock Bottom
  25. 12. Let It Roll
  26. 13. C'mon Everybody

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