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Vitamin String Quartet- VSQ Performs Taylor Swift (Dusty Denim Vinyl) (Indie Exclusive) (RSD Essential) (PREORDER)
Noah Kahan- Cape Elizabeth [Aqua 12" EP] (PREORDER)
Alice In Chains- Jar Of Flies (PREORDER)
Khruangbin- A LA SALA (Soleil Colored Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Misfits- Collection I (RSD Essential Glow In The Dark Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Kacey Musgraves- Deeper Well (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
Sierra Ferrell- Trail Of Flowers (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
The Aquabats- Vs. The Floating Eye Of Death! (RSD Essential Floating Eye Fleshy Pink Vinyl) (PREORDER)
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Tipper- Forward Escape (PREORDER)
The Aquabats- The Return Of The Aquabats (RSD Essential Playdough Purple Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Slayer- Reign In Blood (RSD Essential) (PREORDER)
Poor Things Original Soundtrack (PREORDER)
The Aquabats- The Fury Of The Aquabats (RSD Essential Fiesta Red Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Vitamin String Quartet- VSQ Performs Paramore (RSD Essential Violet Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Beach Boys- Pet Sounds (RSD Essential) (PREORDER)
Bleachers- Bleachers (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
Mean Girls (Music From The Motion Picture) [Candy Floss LP] (PREORDER)
Waxahatchee- Tigers Blood (Indie Exclusive Tiger's Blood Red Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Judas Priest- Invincible Shield (Indie Exclusive Red Vinyl) (PREORDER)
The Last Dinner Party- Nothing Matters [Crystal Clear 7" Single] (PREORDER)
Linkin Park- Papercuts (Singles Collection) (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
Vitamin String Quartet- VSQ Performs Fall Out Boy (RSD Essential Translucent Ruby Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Nathaniel Merriweather/Lovage- Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By (RSD Essential 2LP Clear w/ Red & Turquoise Splatter Vinyl) (PREORDER) - Darkside Records
Maggie Rogers- Don't Forget Me (Evergreen Vinyl) (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
Conan Gray- Found Heaven [Bullseye Edition LP] (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
Black Keys- Ohio Players (Indie Exclusive Apple Red Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Charley Crockett- $10 Cowboy (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
Norah Jones- Visions [Orange Blend LP] [Alternate Cover] (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Soundtrack (PREORDER)
The Last Dinner Party- Prelude To Ecstasy (Marble Vinyl) (PREORDER)
A Day To Remember- Homesick (15th Anniversary) (PREORDER)
Muna- Saves The World (PREORDER)
Frank Turner- Undefeated  (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
The Black Crowes- Happiness Bastards (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
Liam Gallagher & John Squire- Liam Gallagher & John Squire (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
Judas Priest- Invincible Shield (PREORDER)
General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners- General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners (RSD Essential Silver Streak Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Vampire Weekend- Only God Was Above Us (Indie Exclusive) (Alternate Cover) (PREORDER)
André 3000- New Blue Sun (Instrumentals) (PREORDER)
Gravediggaz- 6 Feet Deep (RSD Essential Blood Splatter Vinyl) (PREORDER)
Fletcher- In Search Of The Antidote (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
36 Crazyfists- Bitterness The Star - Limited 180-Gram Translucent Blue Colored Vinyl (PREORDER)
DIIV- Frog In Boiling Water (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)
Maggie Rogers- Don't Forget Me (White Vinyl) (PREORDER)
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My Dying Bride- A Mortal Binding (PREORDER)
My Dying Bride- A Mortal Binding - Green (PREORDER)
Maggie Rogers- Don't Forget Me (PREORDER)
Meiko Kaji- 7 (Sette) (PREORDER)
Justin Timberlake- Everything I Thought I Was (PREORDER)
Ariana Grande- Eternal Sunshine (PREORDER)