Music lovers come in all shapes and sizes. We stock a wide selection of new and used HiFi equipment- including turntables, speakers, recievers, preamps, vinyl care equipment and more for music and home audio enthusiasts of all kinds!

Whether you are just getting into vinyl, looking for a home theater setup or just want to upgrade your current listening experience, we offer a range of new HiFi equipment, including: 

  • Audio-Technica turntables including LP120X, LP60X, LPW40WN

  • Rega P1 / P2 Turntables & preamps
  • Pro-Ject Audio Systems Debut Carbon turntables

  • Music Hall Turntables & Preamps

  • Andover Audio turntables, amps and stands
    • Cartriges & Stylii from Ortofon, Shure & Grado

    • Speakers from Kanto Audio & Edifier
    • Bellari preamps

    • Okki Nokki record cleaning systems

    • Audio Technica Accessories including headshells, disc stabilizer & levels

Stop in to see our ever-expanding, extensive list of products for sale!


Whether you are just getting into vinyl or are looking for a simple upgrade to your existing home stereo system, check out the Vinyl Starter Kit! These all-in-one kits are simple, plug-and-play systems that feature any of our new turntables and powered speakers at a special discounted combo price, for vinyl lovers of all kinds and ages. Now we offer a bluetooth system so you can connect and listen to your favorite albums wirelessly! Stop in for more information or to hear one in-store. 


Maybe you are looking for something more unique or tailored to your vintage style. Dilligently checked by one of our techs on staff, everything we sell is inspected and refurbished where needed to ensure optimum quality. Our HiFi room is stocked with all our most recent used audio equipment new arrivals. Turntables, speakers, amplifiers, headphones, tape decks, cd players, reel-to-reel players, preamps, even DJ gear- you have to call or stop in to see everything that's on the floor at any given time. WE BUY USED EQUIPMENT!


Take Care of your sh*t. Our wide array of vinyl (and cd/cassette/hifi) care products will help keep your vinyl looking and playing clean for many years to come. You can shop our line of in-house darkside-branded products including anti-static brushes, Super Wash cleaning solution and slipmats; as well as care products from Vinyl Styl and Mofi including Spin Clean, cleaning solutions, wet/dry application brushes and more. We also stock polybags, replacement paper inner sleeves, archival quaility inner sleeves, cd bags, replacement cd cases, LP storage (cardboard and corrugated plastic) and much more.


Looking to replace or upgrade the components of your turntable? We stock a range of quality products from Shure, Ortofon, Grado, Audio Technica and ProJect including a line of cartridges and styli, preamps, headshells, Stylus Force Gauges and audio cables. Stop in and talk to one of our knowledgable staff to help you find the perfect option for you- your ears will thank you.



Turntable setup and regular maintenence
Purchase a new or used turntable from us and we will gladly help you set it up. Ok, even if you purchased it elsewhere are are looking for help setting it up or with regular maintenence, we'll do that too- including Belt replacement, Balancing Tone Arm, Replacing Stylus, setup and alignment of cartridges. Please ask your sales associate for more information.

Vinyl Record Cleaning
Have an older record that needs some love? Shouldn't have eaten that burrito while opening that new record? We got you (and don't judge). We offer several tiers of professional vinyl record cleaning services for vinyl of most ages and sizes, as well as vinyl care products for purchase to use at home. Note: this is not a "repair" service for damaged records. Please ask your sales associate about vinyl cleaning rates and information. Bulk discounts may be available for larger orders, please contact us for further details.

Found the perfect gift for someone? Visiting the Poughkeepsie area? We will safely and securely pack and ship your purchased items anywhere in the world with many options including rush shipping, and tracking. Please ask your sales associate about shipping rates and information. Bulk discounts may be available for larger orders, please contact us for further details.

Disc Repair
We offer the area's only disc repair service for CD's, DVD's, CD-ROM, video games and Blu-ray. Using technology way better than any plastic thing you can buy in the store, our state of the art machine will make those CD's that have been rolling around in your car play like new again. Movie skips during your favorite scene? Not a problem. Most discs can be restored to a like-new condition, saving you the anguish of having to buy it all over again. Not in the Poughkeepsie area? Not a problem. If you're willing to take care of the shipping, we're more than happy to fix 'em up and get them back to you. Repairs services are available for most CD's, DVD's, CD-ROM, Video Games & Blu-ray. Bulk discounts may be available for larger orders, please contact us for further details.

Vinyl Record Flattening