Boldy James- 1Lb - Clear with Orange Galaxy (PREORDER)

Format: New Vinyl/Hip Hop

Release Date: 3.22.24

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Boldy James- 1Lb - Clear with Orange Galaxy (PREORDER)

Boldy James- 1Lb - Clear with Orange Galaxy (PREORDER)

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UPC: 630130886580

Clear with Orange Galaxy Vinyl. Boldy James and Belgian producer Your Boy Posca join forces to create a new sound within Boldy's world of countless, yet quality, projects. With a classy, laid back approach of grimy soul samples and spooky 1980's aesthetic, the tape flows flawlessly top to bottom as Boldy paints a unique portrait of a Midwest drug dealer. This is a vinyl/cassette exclusive release, so it's not going to be on streaming minus one single.

Track List

  1. 1. My Twilight Reel
  2. 2. Deal Drugger
  3. 3. Rumored As Legend Would Have It
  4. 4. Platinum ; Palladium
  5. 5. They Vouching
  6. 6. Creature Immortal
  7. 7. Humble Servant
  8. 8. My Twilight Reel (Instrumental)
  9. 9. Deal Drugger (Instrumental)
  10. 10. Rumored As Legend Would Have It (Instrumental)
  11. 11. Platinum ; Palladium (Instrumental)
  12. 12. They Vouching (Instrumental)
  13. 13. Creature Immortal (Instrumental)
  14. 14. Humble Servant (Instrumental)

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