The Hillbilly Moon Explosion- Bourgeois Baby (PREORDER)

Format: New Vinyl/Rock

Release Date: 11.17.23

Sale price$22.98

UPC: 889466497711

Re-issue of the seriously sophisticated 2004 sophomore effort from Swiss rockabilly phenoms, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion! This album showcases the band's impressive musical chops and their impeccable taste mixing newly arranged classics like "Mambo Italiano" and "How Can You (Have The Blues)" next to their own original material like "Holy Hoochie Coo" and the fabulous title track!

Track List

  1. Holy Hoochie Coo
  2. Xke
  3. Bourgeois Baby
  4. Dead Cat Boogie
  5. Zing Zing
  6. Reel Kool Kitty
  7. Get High Get Low
  8. How Can You (Have the Blues)
  9. Do I Love You
  10. Mambo Italiano
  11. Holy Hoochie Coo
  12. Inch of Dust
  13. Boy in Blue
  14. Many Tears Ago

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