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Motley Crue- Shout At The Devil (Clear/ Red Split)(Newbury Comics Exclusive)
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ASG- Survive, Sunrise (Red)
ASG- Survive, Sunrise (Red) Sale price₩42,000
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Pantera- Reinventing The Steel (White  & Southern Flames Yellow Marbled)
Being As An Ocean- Being As An Ocean (White W/ Gray)
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Lamb Of God- As The Palaces Burn (Red W/ Blue And White Splatter)(RSD21)
Red Fang- Arrows (Yellow Neon W/ Neon Magenta Splatter) - Darkside Records
Genghis Tron- Dream Weapon (Neon Green)
Quiet Riot- Metal Health - DarksideRecords
Quiet Riot- Metal Health Sale price₩21,000
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Ossuarium- Living Tomb (Olive Green/ Neon Green/ Neon Yellow Tri-Color Merge W/ Black Splatter) - Darkside RecordsOssuarium- Living Tomb (Olive Green/ Neon Green/ Neon Yellow Tri-Color Merge W/ Black Splatter) - Darkside Records
Khemmis- Hunted (Aqua Blue) - DarksideRecords
Khemmis- Hunted (Aqua Blue) Sale price₩56,000
Faithreat- Faithreat - Darkside Records
Faithreat- Faithreat Sale price₩12,000
White Zombie- It Came From N.Y.C. (Green)(5xLP)White Zombie- It Came From N.Y.C. (Green)(5xLP)
Torche- Restarter (Orange) - Darkside Records
Torche- Restarter (Pic Disc) Sale price₩35,000
Death- The Sound Of Preserverance (Clear/Red Pinwheel & Clear/Black Pinwheel W/ Splatter)
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Every Time I Die- Low Teens (White)
Blessthefall- Hollow Bodies
Blessthefall- Hollow Bodies Sale price₩35,000
Strigoi- Viscera
Strigoi- Viscera Sale price₩28,000
Opeth- My Arms, Your Hearse (Purple/ White Swirl)(RSD 2022)
Opeth- Blackwater Park (Silver)(Sealed)
Opeth- Morningrise (Blue)(RSD 2023)(Sealed)
Pantera- Far Beyond Driven (White & Stronger Than Blue Marbled)
Pantera- Vulgar Display Of Power (White & True Metal Gray Marbled)
Pantera- Cowboys From Hell (White & Whisky Brown Marbled)
Pantera- The Great Southern Trendkill (White & Sandblasted Orange Marbled)
Type O Negative- Slow, Deep And Hard (Green/ Black Mixed)
Type O Negative- The Origin Of The Feces (Not Live At Brighton Beach) (Smoke)(Sealed)
Type O Negative- Dead Again (Green & White Swirl)(Sealed)
God Forbid- Gone Forever (Bird Shit Splatter)
Haken- Virus (Gold)
Haken- Virus (Gold) Sale price₩56,000
Haken- Affinity (Creamy White W/ Dark Green Splatter)(Sealed)
Haken- The Mountain (Yellow W/ Red Splatter)(Sealed)
Machine Head- Of Kingdom And Crown (Clear Black Marbled)(Top Seam Split)
Whitesnake- Here I Go Again (12”)
Loss Becomes- Loss Becomes (Clear)
Death Angel- Humanicide (Clear W/ Purple Splatter)(Sealed)
Metallica- Reload (Sealed)(Reissue)
Metallica/ San Francisco Symphony- S&M2 (4X LP)
Behemoth- In Absentia Dei (Inferno Variant [Light Brown/ Green/ Black Marbled])(Signed)
Behemoth- A Forest (Clear/ Black Split [Soil And Water])(Signed Insert)
Behemoth- And The Forests Dream Eternally (White)(Signed)
Behemoth- Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic) (Pic Disc)(Signed)
Iron Maiden- Flight 666 Soundtrack
Slipknot- Live At Madison Square Garden, 2009
Motley Crue- Girls, Girls, Girls (2017 Reissue)
Hollow Front- The Price Of Dreaming (Translucent Blue/ Black Galaxy)
Currents- The Way It Ends (Baby Blue W/ Aqua Blue & White Splatter)(Sealed)
Mutoid Man- Helium Head (Purple)
Candiria- While They Were Sleeping (The Veil Colored)
Bullet For My Valentine- Bullet For My Valentine (Clear)(Sealed)
Metallica- Master Of Puppets (DLX)(Sealed)