Ghalia Volt- Shout Sister Shout (PREORDER)

Format: New Vinyl/Blues

Release Date: 11.24.23

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"Going to the desert to record Shout Sister Shout! With David Catching was something unique," says the acclaimed Belgian singer-songwriter of her latest album that adds it's own thumbprint to the Rancho de la Luna legend. "I have so many memories. Being on top of the hills facing the Joshua Tree Park. The stars, the moon, the coyote howls, the old vintage car that sat in front of the studio. And then, the history of Rancho de la Luna and all the rock 'n' roll neighbours. You just never know who's gonna push the door..." Driving deep into the desert put a few more miles on the clock of a young nomad who has made the world her home. Six years have passed since Volt quit the busking circuit of her native Brussels for the heady throb of New Orleans, where she made her first ripples as the livewire frontwoman of local heroes Mama's Boys. That hook-up led to Volt's acclaimed debut album Let The Demons Out (declared "an irresistible force" by Classic Rock) and to Volt's next stepping stone

Track List

  1. Every Cloud
  2. Changes
  3. Can't Afford to Die
  4. Insomnia
  5. Shout Sister Shout
  6. No Happy Home}She's Holdin' You Back
  7. Can't Have It All
  8. Hell Is Not Gonna Deal with You
  9. Hop on a Ride
  10. Dog Ya Around
  11. Po' Boy John

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