Van Morrison- Accentuate The Positive [Blue 2 LP] (Indie Exclusive) (PREORDER)

Format: New Vinyl/Rock

Release Date: 11.3.23

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UPC: 044003369665

Van Morrison unveils his new studio album, Accentuate The Positive. This electrifying homage to rock n’ roll revisits and reimagines classic songs, infusing them with an energy that constantly stretches and challenges the tradition. Featuring great tracks like, “Lonesome Train,” “Shakin’ All Over” and “Flip, Flop and Fly,” alongside superb arrangements, musicianship, and Van’s inimitable voice. Indie Exclusive Blue 2 LP.

Track Listing
1.1.You Are My Sunshine, 2.When Will I Be Loved?, 3.Two Hound Dogs, 4.Flip, Flop And Fly, 5.I Want A Roof Ov My Head, 1.Problems, 2.Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes, 3.The Shape I’m In, 4.Accentuate The Positive, 5.Lonesome Train 1.A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues, 2.Shakin’ All Over, 3.Bye Bye Johnny, 4.Red Sails In The Sunset, 5.Sea Of Heartbreak, 1.Blueberry Hill, 2.Bonaparte’s Retreat, 3.Lucille, 4.Shake Rattle And Roll

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